Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner and Descaler

Properties and Uses:

A specially blended product containing acids, detergents and alcohols designed to clean, sanitise and deodorise showers, ceramic tiles, urinals and toilet bowls. Totally compatible with septic tank activity.

» Removes quickly uric acid encrustations, stubborn stains and water rust marks in toilets and urinals.
» Rapidly removes dirt, soils and ingrained stains off toilet seats, toilet lids and cisterns.
» Cleans, sanitizes and deodorises in one application.
» Removes dirt and stains off ceramic tiles.
» Removes body fat, soap and dirt from inside shower.
» Product can be used as a mild drain cleaner.

Professional Strength Root Killer

Properties and Uses:

Retards the growth of roots in sewer lines. Harmless to trees, shrubs and septic tanks when used as directed. Roots of shrubbery and trees growing near sewer lines frequently penetrate sewer lines in search of moisture and nutrients. They can even penetrate through extremely small cracks, holes and poorly sealed joints. These tiny root hairs, if not controlled, will continue to grow both in diameter and number, causing a breakage, gradual reduced flow, and frequent flow stoppage. Drain Surgeons root killer has successfully controlled roots for 20 years in residential and commercial drainage systems.

Drain Cleaner

Properties and Uses:

A super strong and instant sewer and drain cleaner containing sulphuric acid. For use on all drain pipes except aluminium. Quickly dissolves all organic obstructions, roots, fats, grease, hair, sanitary napkins, vegetables, meat, rags, sludge, soap, paper, coffee - grounds, cloths, cesspools, slop sinks and grease traps. Compatible with septic tank activity.

Biological Sewage and Drain Activator

Properties and Uses:

A superior bioactive waste degrader and sewage activator containing a blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The dual action and nature of the bacteria enables the product to act effectively in or out of the presence of oxygen. This product can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry grains, pit toilets, grease traps, septic tanks, sewage plants and lagoons. This specialized enzyme activity enables the product to digest complex proteins, cellulose, starches, fats, plants, animal grease and oils.

Power Drain Cleaner

Properties and Uses:

A super strong and instant drain cleaner containing a blend of highly alkaline powders. This product can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, showers and outside drains. Quickly dissolves all organic obstructions such as fats, grease, hair, meat, starch, vegetables, rags, sludge, soap, paper and coffee - grounds. Removes effectively lime scale and rust deposits in drains and traps. The delayed reaction of the product permits it to reach obstructions before going to work on organic matter. Compatible with septic tank activity.